יום שבת, 11 בדצמבר 2010

Batia Eisenwasser-Jancourt / 2010-Paintings

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יום שני, 15 בנובמבר 2010

Melanie's - Cafe Ein-Hod

Melanie could be planning houses as an architect, but prefers planning meals for her café.

Cafe Ein-Hod
During the week (except monday), you''ll run into the regulars and natives with their
4 legged friends, standing in line to get in,
and in the week-ends, Cafe Ein-Hod  becomes a picturesque café for tourists..

Everyone is welcome.
Nothing in this place is considered strange!

And every thing is special.

Diners say "Melanie is a great cook and the food is out of this world!"

For guests at the village B&B's:
"You do not have to wake up early. Breakfast is on all day."

Cakes and pies are home-made by talented family and friends.

And the espresso coffee is excellent.

On Thursday evenings, Melanie cooks Indian, a specialty she picked up while living with an Indian family in northern India.

The meals are not too spicy and the kids love it.

Some Ein-Hod children are growing up on Melanie's Indian food!.
It is not easy, but Melanie enjoys what she does. 
She puts in a lot of energy in making this "the place to be".
Her Café is "not to be missed" on a visit to Ein Hod.
Melanie-cigarette break

More about the café : www.cafe-einhod.com
Or contact Melanie: 0546676089

יום ראשון, 14 בנובמבר 2010

Ein Hod Artists' Village and how to find us

Ein-Hod Artists' village is situated on Mount Carmel, south of Haifa, overlooking the mediterranean.
You'll enjoy visiting the artists' studios and galleries, museums and workshops, dining at the cafes and
restaurants, listening to live music concerts, drinking home-made beer and more...
The Batia and Claude's  B&B is very special, you can choose between the "Provence" 2 rooms apt or the "Green Room" studio.
You'll be welcome in Batia's studio and in Claude's workshop.

Batia and Claude Jancourt, Ein-Hod Artists Village, Israel, 30890
Tel : 972 4 9841648 , mobile: 972 50 5319266 , fax: 972 4 9843056
email: info@eisenwasser-jancourt.co.il                        

יום שבת, 13 בנובמבר 2010

Karine's Bags

Karine, a recent graduate of Shenkar School of Design creates
among many other things, original hand-made bags and purses.

original hand-made bags
It all started when she couldn't find a bag she liked,
so she designed one and made it for herself.
The bag caught on and everyone wanted one.

The workshop in Tel Aviv

The "Whoknewdesign" company was born. Where concept, design and
original detail are first.

Today, Karine offers a whole array of hand-bags, in interesting ecolo materials and in a variety of
colors and textures, added to a personal fashion and accessories collection.

There is a bag for every occasion adapted to the rising needs
of practical design solutions.

The newest creation, "the city bag", is a great hit among the biking community.

Portable, washable, and a precise fit to the standard metal basket, it is made in many and various waterproof materials,
 which come in many colors and patterns,

and above all, becomes a fashionable carry-all solution for bikes.

The city bag in Tel-Aviv

The idea was born when she moved to Tel-Aviv and started
using her bike to get around the city. There was a definite need for a special bag
to fit the bike's metal basket.
Thus the city-bag was born.

another version of the city-bag

The "evening bag" is another hit.

The concept of an evening bag hanging from the wrist or shoulder,
allows the hands to be free.
The bag folds and zips and opens in an unusual way.
It too comes in many sizes, colors and materials.

For more information on Karine's designs call:  Karine - 0542126626

or visit the website.

יום חמישי, 11 בנובמבר 2010

Nadine's Collection

My youngest daughter Nadine always had a passion for fashion!
Especially shoes.

And bags.

So far it's not unusual for a girl/woman !
Then, during her art studies, she decided  to merge business and pleasure
and opened her own shop.

First in one room,

then in another, which she built herself from found doors and windows.

site under construction... ! Danger
Before you knew it , the shop took over the whole house!

 She works with second hand and vintage shops, with stylists and costume designers
for theater and television and with all lovers of fashion.

The shop is open on weekends and holidays.
You will find incredible clothes and fashion accessories/ Israeli Vintage like Maskit,
Niba, Atta, Beged-Or and much,much more.

For more details, call Nadine: 0544801985

or visit the site: www.2handchic.com

יום שלישי, 2 בנובמבר 2010

Batia Eisenwasser-Jancourt - Studio

Work starts at 10 (usually). Next to my workshop, in her studio, Batia begins her day.

preparing the materials
The aroma of my coffee disintigrates with the fumes of the terpentine and paint. I am asked to lower  the music. Batia hates any noise while she works! Music is noise!!
She sits for a while  in her barber's think chair, studying the unfinished painting on the wall.

Batia's "think" chair, in the studio, next to the French Godin stove

Then, the only sound hear, is that of the brushes on the canvas and in the jars mixing the paint.
I am always amazed at the result. I stopped painting, after we met! Until then I had great potential!

 canvas on the wall - work in progress

My " job":  building the  the wood stretchers and helping Batia to stretch the canvas. We do this after the work is finished and off the wall.

I like the stage when the canvas on the wall is finally put on the wood stretcher.
It then, for me, becomes a painting.

I enjoy being in the studio. The painted images around begin to speak.

If you're interested to see more, enter Batia's site.

Claude's workshop

Hi, I am Claude. Welcome to my workshop. I call it my therapy room.

Therapy room
I " work " a few hours a day, between meals, fixing vintage lamps, old telephones and antique radios.
I left the Technion (Flight Control Lab of the Aeronautics Dept.) twelve years ago.
I was playing with flight simulators and  pilot helmets for 20 years. I had a fabulous time.
After studying basic carpentry and restoration techniques, I opened this workshop,
next to my wife's Art studio in the Artists' Village of Ein-Hod.

at work on an old Templar cabinet

I enjoy  feeling the potential of an old broken piece and  bringing it back to its former glamor.
We travel with a van, through small country villages in Canada, (mostly Quebec and Ontario) and collect. We meet and experience wonderful people and places.  
On each return, I have new work for a few months, restoring these found treasures.

waiting in line in front of the workshop
Furniture pieces stand in line quietly in front of the workshop entrance, waiting their turn.
No rush. No one is pushing! Seniors First.
What goes in...
old oak Canadian chest of draws
goes out... after an intensive care session.

You are welcome to come and visit. Bring your stories, but phone first, (050 5319266) to be sure I am here. Sometimes I feel fine and do not need my therapy!
Please visit our site.

יום ראשון, 24 באוקטובר 2010

Lapid Blue

Lapid est aujourd'hui considere  comme un important  objet de collection Israelien.
La fabrique a largement utilise le bleu, les ceramiques etaient peintes a la main et signees par l'artiste. 
Le bleu Lapid est en fait compose d'un  bleu clair qui est le bleu de notre du ciel et d'un bleu fonce qui est celui de notre mer.

 De nombreux pays ont utilises le bleu dans leur ceramiques; le fameux bleu Hollandais de Delf, ou le bleu Anglais sont tres recherches.

 Ci-dessous le bleu Canadien ( a gauche ), l'Allemand (au centre) et celui des etats unis.

Interest in blue ceramics always grows among the collectors .Every country has its own special blue. These are all salt glaze, from Canada, U.S., Alsace-Lorraine, and Israel - from early 1900 on to the 1950's.
I like them all!

If you are visiting Ein-Hod do not miss a japanese tea ceremony

Also not far the Art gallery in Bat Shlomo

יום שלישי, 19 באוקטובר 2010

Un siecle de service

Il fut un temps, il n'y a pas si longtemps, qu'il etait un plaisir d'attendre son tour pour un rasage en douceur dans ce salon de la rue Nordau a Haifa.
Assis confortablement dans un fauteuil d'un autre siecle le barbier aiguisait longuement la lame de son couteau puis retirait delicatement  la mousse du visage, pour ne laisser qu'une peau neuve de bebe.
Les temps changent, par pour meilleur  malheureusement, les gens se pressent et ont perdu le plaisir de prendre leur temps.
De ce temps la j'ai reussi a sauver le fauteuil et quelques precieux souvenirs.